Joey Graceffa's Escape the Night Julien Roussel Editor

adam lawson

“Julien is not only an editor with great craft and skill, he is a tremendous storyteller. His attention to detail and the nuances of performance truly stand out. He is able to craft set-ups and pay-offs inside of a narrative with incredible skill. A true pleasure to work side-by-side with.”

— Showrunner “Escape The Night”, YouTube Premium Original Series

Apple Music + Sonos Julien Roussel Story Producer & Editor

clay westervelt

“I found I could always count on Julien to bring in a fresh perspective and a creative approach. The “Apple Music + Sonos” project had some huge directing challenges for me, and Julien became the guy I'd rely on for both his artistry and consistency.”

— Director, Producer & Cinematographer, Imaginaut Entertainment

Outdaughtered TV show

brad bogart

“I have been working with Julien for years as he brings ingenuity and creativity to every project. The final product always reflects his collaborative spirit. Our latest collaboration led me to secure a deal with TLC for “Outdaughtered”. Julien is truly a pleasure to work with, and not only has fantastic work ethic, but also brings great energy and spirit to the table.”

— Producer & Executive Producer